About Us

About Tower Burger

​As soon as you walk into Tower Burger, you will feel like you have stepped into an old Western saloon with a modern feel. It’s ambiance is very warm and inviting, as there was a great deal of attention put into the decor’s detail. Our menu features a wide array delicious salads, sandwiches, drinks, and of course burgers. The best part about Tower Burger is that everything we serve is fresh from the farm directly to your table.
About Us

Tower Burger. Not your ordinary burger restaurant and bar. Now open in Alpharetta.

​A Brief History

​Although Tower Burger is a brand new restaurant and bar in Alpharetta, the concept has been a work in progress by owner, Shawn S, for many years. Shawn began his humble beginnings in the restaurant business over 20 years ago. It all started in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas when everyone doubted Shawn as he began to open his first restaurant in the area. Surprisingly, it became a huge success in the community and surrounding areas in such a short period of time. His philosophy is very simple, and that is consistently giving people quality food with excellent service and value. After deciding to move to Atlanta and embark on a new journey, Shawn began working on his new restaurant concept early this year, and in November 2014 Tower Burger was finally born and opened for business.